On that point, Madame Vastra, Jenny, and Strax all have their charms, but they have never felt more like one-joke characters than they do here; Strax’s medical examination of Clara offers little that the previous, much shorter scene in which he offers to take her coat and hat doesn’t already accomplish. Meanwhile, if Jack Harkness is the captain of the innuendo squad, then Vastra and Jenny are both major generals, with every conversation topic used as a flimsy pretext for another double entendre about married life. By -A.V. Club (“Deep Breath” Review)

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A McEmmy Snub Masterpost Part 2


How could they leave off the magnificent Melissa McBride in the supporting actress category? Starting as a scared and battered wife and mother, McBride has taken the character to one of the toughest women in television.” - CNN

"I suppose the Academy still isn’t ready for complicated sci-fi shows in its upper echelon. Maslany is in good company, though, by joining Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy, the Vampire Slayer) and Melissa McBride (The Walking Dead) in the ranks of the not nominated. McBride’s omission, while expected, is still a disappointment. I’d dreamed that her subtle and brilliant work in the episode “The Grove” would bring her due. I suppose that was too much to hope for given my reluctance to ever visit that harrowing hour again. The episode and the series at-large were too difficult for the Emmy nominating committee, I suspect. Shame." - Awards Daily

"In the supporting categories, it’s a shame room wasn’t made for the remarkable Melissa McBride of AMC’s The Walking Dead…" - Media Post

"Melissa McBride had one of the most emotionally charged, and brilliantly acted story-lines on television this year, and yet she’s not nominated." - Movie Pilot

"…c’mon Academy, The Walking Dead is much more than just good makeup. Forget Andrew Lincoln’s Rick and his wobbly cry face, Melissa McBride’s Carol is where it’s at. We can’t even look at flowers anymore without getting a little bit choked up.” - Orlando Weekly